Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talent or Gadget

Would you believe that i have survived my production and musical arranging works in the mid 90's through this piece of musical gadget? One of my mentor in songwriting once told me that in a musical production 50% of the success of a music prod. depends on the talent and ability of the composer/artist. The other 50% depends on the equipment. Thus, it doesn't matter how expensive or even lo-tech your equipment is. A composer, songwriter or producer can create a beautiful sounding records even though he doesn't have the most hi-tech gadgets in his hand. A person who knows what to do and really want to do the best is actually halfway already to his success. God can take us to big promotions and great exploits. We just need to be a good steward in all His blessings and resources even with the small one's.

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